The days of mandatory in-person meetings and high-pressure sales are in the past. We have removed the traditional salesperson from the construction process and have shifted all resources to customer experience and the highest quality installation.

Pre-Construction / Quoting Process

  • eRoof roofing consultant will inspect property to obtain necessary information to build custom estimate or homeowner completes eRoof online questionnaire
  • Estimate will be provided to homeowner with detailed breakdown of project and details
  • Homeowner sit down- meeting between eRoof roofing consultant and homeowner to review estimate, pricing, choose colors, and discuss project details (also available as Microsoft teams virtual meeting)
  • Homeowner signs estimate and makes 50% down payment
  • Project is turned over to production- materials are ordered, installers are assigned, permit is ordered, homeowner is provided installation date
  • Permit is planted on front door and materials are delivered

Installation Day

  • Roofing installers will arrive around 6:30-7:00 am and begin to set up for installation
  • Work will begin between 7-8 am
  • Crew chief will arrive between 8-9 am to review project with crew foreman and consult with homeowner as needed
  • Existing shingles and roofing materials will be removed and ethically disposed of
  • New shingles and roofing materials will be installed per manufacturer specifications and guidelines
  • Homeowner will be notified of any issues or necessary change orders
  • Homeowner will receive a progress report at the completion of each day

Post Installation Process

  • Production supervisor conducts the eRoof 26 point inspection to identify any punchlist items
  • Punch list items will be completed in timely manner
  • Production manager will conduct walkthrough with homeowner to discuss project execution and any change orders
  • Invoice will be provided upon completion of project
  • 10-year workmanship warranty and 50 material warranty will be provided upon final payment
  • Lien waiver will be sent out once invoice is paid in full removing all interest in property
  • The city inspector will be notified that new roof is ready for inspection
  • Project is complete!