Elevate Your Home’s Appeal with Cedar Knolls Deluxe Vinyl Siding

Cedar Knolls offers natural cedar woodgrain pattern that mirrors the look of hand cut wood cladding. Rich, beautiful colors to complement a home’s natural surroundings. For a finish that stands out, and will stand up to the elements, choose Cedar Knolls Deluxe Vinyl Siding.

Experience the Beauty and Durability of Great Barrier Siding

Great Barrier captures the essence of natural cedar while offering a superior polymer surface that withstands the elements, safeguarding against the erosion typical of wood finishes over time.

Engineered for enduring performance and fortified against high winds, Great Barrier provides contractors and homeowners with peace of mind.

Available in three styles—D4 Clapboard, D5 Clapboard, and D5 Dutchlap—Great Barrier boasts a stunning array of traditional and designer colors to suit all preferences. Homeowners can confidently choose from these colors, protected by ColorHold Technology from Norandex.

With Great Barrier’s two distinctive profiles, abundant color options, and versatile trim and accent pieces, you can create an exterior finish that reflects your unique style, all while ensuring it retains its “just like new” appearance for years to come.